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Maid Services MD

A perfect example of an industry that has been disrupted by technology is the housekeeping industry. It's no longer just about cleaning a hotel room or a restaurant, but about creating a personal touch for each guest that sets them apart and creates memories. In order to attract guests to your service, you do not necessarily have to be the cheapest option out there; if you're able to provide better services and have a more personal touch than your competitors, then you will be able to thrive in this new era.
In the D.C. region alone, there are over 1,000 maid services operating some form of call-in service for hotels and homes. From maids to full-service upscale services, it is a competitive field with many homes and hotels trying to outsmart each other with new services delivered by the latest technology. With so many options out there, your business has an obligation to look at ways to be more efficient and provide a better experience.
Being able to make bookings online is one way to provide a better maid services md than most competitors. Finding a company that allows you to take bookings from hotel and homes is very convenient for both the person booking the maid service and for the person receiving the services.
While it may be tempting to just put your phone number up on your website, it is also very important to add some form of registration page and capture the information of everyone who wants to book with you.
The information you should gather from potential clients will include:
Once you have this information, you will be able to better manage your time and provide a more organized service that will result in a better experience for all involved. 
While booking online is probably your best option, it still may not be completely efficient. If someone calls you or leaves a message asking for a specific "level" of maid service, then you are obligated to reach out to the person and try to accommodate them as much as possible. 
The best way to do this is to try and divide the different services you offer into some kind of hierarchy. An example of this might be:
1. General maid service - basic clean (tidy up, strip beds, empty bins)
2. Light cleaning - add vacuuming and dusting.
3. Heavy cleaning - add mopping, lifting of heavy items and windows cleaned inside and out.
4. Specialized service - add upholstery cleaning, carpets cleaned and etc.
5. Luxury service - add more specialized items above in addition to grocery shopping and laundry.
Another way to be more efficient and increase your housekeeping services is by looking into technology that will help you out. There are many companies out there that provide a similar service as maid services md, but they have one big advantage: a phone system that will allow their clients to take booking requests through their cell phones. One of the main reasons you may want to avoid phone calls is because they are a time-consuming way to process information. If someone calls and asks for a service, you will have to get all their information, type it up and then email or call them back. This can take a while and even make you miss an appointment.
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